Friday, January 31, 2014

Finishing up January and Follow Through Friday

It's the last day on January and this month has been a success in more ways than one! I've lost 10 pounds. My 14 in 2014 Goals have been going well. I worked out 18 times this month. December my workouts were almost nonexistent due to lots of overtime/helping move to a new location for work. I listened to my body and rested/stretched when I needed to. Since I was being a lot more active this month, I didn't want an injury from doing too much too soon. I've read 1 book and tried 1 new recipe. I also volunteered with my sister for a race-Hypnotic Donut Dask 5k.

Next month I hope to do a craft project or 2 and try lots more new recipes. And of course keep up with all the things I've been doing well this month. I've been doing roller derby for a month now and it's going really well! I bought basic skates because I wasn't sure if derby would be a good fit for me. Now that I know I want to stick with it, I want to invest in some better skates.

I'm linking up with the wonderful women that put together Follow Through Friday. Now it's time to see how your weeks went!