Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mavs and More Mud

Hello again. Well this past week was a fun one! The Dallas Mavericks were in the playoffs so I went to a watch party at Dave and Busters. It brought back a lot of great memories because I worked part time in Marketing/Promotions for the team for 5 seasons. I got to see some old co-workers while I was there AND help cheer the Mavs on to a win. Unfortunately the lost the next game and are now out of the playoffs. :(

On Saturday I volunteered/ran my third mud run of the year Cinco de Muddo with my friend Brenda. We had a great time, the course was a relatively easy one, so we did it twice for a total of 6.2 miles. That was to help prepare us for the Spartan Sprint (4miles) and Super (8miles). We will do both the same weekend, which is only 2 weeks away! We met a woman that was won the past 2 mud runs we have done this year along the course and she was super friendly and nice. Elite athletes can sometimes be a bit aloof and snobby I've found, but she did part of the course with us and gave us some helpful tips for racing.

After the race we went to a restaurant called Babe's which was so delicious. It is family style and we each ordered a different protein to share-I went with smoked chicken. I had seconds on everything, but it ended up being my lunch and dinner so I was ok with that.

I rushed home with a fully belly and sore body to shower, change and head to the roller rink to officiate a roller derby game. It was great to see some of my friends get the chance to skate in a game for their first time, I hope that will be me in a few more months! In the meantime I am having fun with mud runs and I've finally got back on my bicycle on Sunday. No photos, but on Sunday I also met up with a good friend of mine at a great local restaurant Cafe Brazil. I had Chicken crepes with rosemary potatoes and toast. She has 2 huskys, one is a white female like my dog Diamond. After lunch, we went to the Cotton Bowl Stadium, where they had a dog event....basically vendors+live music+dogs running around playing and enjoying the kiddie pools set out. I went to roller derby practice Monday and will go again tonight. I've only skated twice in the past 2 weeks so it feels strange to be skating again! Last night at Target I found a top I wanted, but wasn't willing to pay full price for. They had a similar print (neon bikes) on a white cardigan so I bout that too, as well as a cute bikini top. All 3 for $19.00, I love clearance :)


Weight wise I stayed the same this week. Although I am alright with that, I really need to refocus on losing these last few pesky pounds. It would be wonderful to be around goal weight for my birthday July 1st. I will be in Austin this weekend for my cousin's graduation from nursing school. What are you up to this weekend? I am linking up with Ash for Weigh In Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life Lately

April is almost over with, the past few weeks have been interesting to say the least! I hurt my knee almost 3 weeks ago in roller derby. My right knee pad slipped down, so when I fell, my bare knee hit the wood floor HARD. It was really painful initially, but I guess adrenaline masked the pain until after practice-when I could barely move it. I've heard horror stories about all the crazy injuries that can happen, so this was small beans compared to what other girls have to go through.

I RICED my knee for the week, stayed off it and it was feeling better. The following Monday was assessments for my roller derby league. I had been going to all the practices I could and skating whenever I could. I didn't pass this time, there are a few skills I still need to improve on. I had a pity party and then moved on. The girls in the league are supportive and helpful and make me feel welcome at practice so I will keep at it! The next time to assess is in 60 days, so I am looking forward to that.

Am I backwards for reading books AFTER I have seen the movie? For me reading the book first means I think a character looks a certain way in my head, then when I see them in the movie I usually think who they cast is WAY off!  Harry Potter were the last books I did that with. Hunger Games I waited to read after they were released. I also like to be surprised when watching a movie for the first time. I love books because they offer so many more details and clarity than a movie can. The weather has been nice here in Texas, so I've been doing most of my reading outside.

April is also the month the Animal Shelter told me my dog was born in when I adopted her way back when. My Diamond turned 4! :) The local business I go to for her food gave her a Happy Birthday bone, it was so cute.

I also saw local music a few times over the past few weeks which is always enjoyable. There were also 3 cover bands at the House of Blues in Dallas that I went to go see. The final act were a Beastie Boys cover band. Prom was going on in another part of the restaurant, which made me feel old because those high school kids looked sooooo young! I also saw an incredible production of Beauty and the Beast with my mom and sister.

This past weekend I raced in my second mud run of the year-The Patriot Games. Two friends and I volunteered in the morning, then got to race for free after out shift. We make a great team! Everyone's strengths are different and we all help each other out if someone needs it. Below are a few photos of the muddy goodness. I highly recommend you try one if you haven't already, there are mud runs for every skill level-beginner to advanced.

I hit my recovering knee on the course and the next day I noticed 2 lumps on my knee cap. My cousin is a knee Doctor and he said it is bursitis. So I'll be hitting up my Dr. Thursday to see how I need to proceed. Thankfully I have full range of motion and can walk just fine. But it is killer painful to the touch!

Weight wise I have been up and down the same few pounds over the past 3 weeks. It is both good and bad. My goal is to lose about 10 more, but my body seems to really like this weight. I feel like I am getting stronger and fitter with every week that passes even though the scale doesn't always register a loss. I am linking up with AshHeatherErin and Liz. Do you read the book first or watch the movie first?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mud Run Fun

This past weekend was the start of several things for me-outdoor concert season, mud run season and festival season. Friday night I went with my friend and dog to Friday on the Green to see the band Oil Boom. It is the first of an outdoor concert series that happens once a month. There are 2-3 other outside venues that I also go to enjoy live music at.

This weekend was also my first mud run of 2014. It was called Armageddon Ambush and held at a motocross field in Ft Worth. I volunteered at the traverse wall for 4 hours, cheering people on and offering assistance. Then I raced in the last wave of runners with 2 friends. It was cold (in the 40's) and drizzling, but so much fun! There was lots of hills, mud, walls and cargo nets to climb.

There was even a huge pit full of ice!

As well as a HUGE slide that was so fun, I went down it twice. :)

They also Ambushed you with color, which I've never had done at a mud run before. I highly recommend it! If you volunteer 4 hrs, you can race for free.

After that I grabbed a burger and fries from In and Out, then went home to shower and change. It was bout night for roller derby and I was in charge of tracking penalties on the large wipe board. The last game was very well matched and only a 2 point difference between the winning and losing team. (there can be a point difference of almost 200 points!)

Sunday I was suppose to go to a renaissance festival as well as an art festival but it rained all day which we desperately needed. I ended up sleeping in, catching up on a few shows and finished the night with 3 hours of roller derby practice. Weight wise I stayed the same. I am getting in around 8-10 hours of intense exercise a week and my weight is playing games with me. I need to make sure I am fueling my body properly, so I've decided to bite the bullet and track calories on MFP. These last few pounds don't want to budge! At least I can see improvement fitness wise. I'm linking up with AshHeather and Liz. Have you ever done a mud run before? Would you ever like to try one?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm down a pound this week. Excited about that! This past weekend I went to the season opener party for my roller derby league that was a lot of fun. This is the dress that I wore.

I also won tickets to the 2 day Big Folkin Festival here in Dallas. I found some new bands that I'll keep an eye out for. Everyone was local, they had some art and food trucks there as well.

I have been feeling a bit "blah" since Monday. I'm not too sure why...but I have stuck to eating healthy foods and in moderation, which definitely helped with the loss this week. Here's a few groceries I bought from Aldi's. 

I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday. I'm about to go jog a 5k before work and have a 2 hour roller derby practice after work. Tommorow I'll hit up the gym. Friday I need to make an effort to workout as well. I'm linking up with AshHeather and Liz. Has anyone else gone through a bit of a funk lately? what did you do to turn it around? I painted my nails a fun summery color last night while I caught a movie on Netflix. That helped a bit.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fun Family Fitness

Another half marathon is in the books! This past Sunday was the third time I did the Rock n' Roll Dallas Half marathon. 

It started out in 2012 with my dad and boyfriend. 

I was about 15 pounds heavier in this picture.

Last year we recruited my dad's brother and his daughter/my cousin. My dad is 60, his brother 61. I strive to be that athletic when I am their age!

It was interesting because my dad and I are "woggers". That first year we finished in 3:30. Last year we finished in 3:15. 

We ended catching up to my uncle towards the end of the race, who is in excellent shape and runs 5ks and lifts weights. BUT he didn't train for long distances or walk any, which at distance really makes a difference. He ran as far as he can as long as he could and as far as he could and walked the rest but had to hobble to the car (he was so sore). In contrast, I trained to walk/jog long distances all the way up to 13.1 miles and felt only minor soreness, could have even gone a few more miles . I firmly believe getting in long training walk/jogs/runs leading up to the race are important. My compression socks also made a world of difference in my recovery. I wore one pair during the race and another after. If you have access to a hot tub or spa tub definitely take advantage of that! Foam rollers are also your frienemy after 13.1 miles-it "hurts so good." 

This year we recruited my dad's other brother and my sister. 

Our goal was a sub 3 hour half marathon. My sister is special needs, was a preemie and not even suppose to be able to walk! So it was quite the accomplishment that she finished this with my dad and I at 3:21. Could my dad and I have gone faster? Yes, but we wanted to support and encourage my sister and finish as a family. The last 3 miles were the hardest for my sister, you could really see her struggling. I am so proud that she stuck with it! Next year I think she will do it again, but be a part of a relay and do half the 13.1 miles. The weather was windy, overcast and in the 60's. I am so glad it didn't rain like the forecast predicted! Here are a few more photos from Sunday :)

I really enjoy being active with my family. My mom was a wonderful cheerleader and showed up on the course 7-8 times. It was sweet, she told me as she was waiting for us to pass by, she'd cheer on others. If someone looked to be having a hard time and struggling she would look them in the eye and yell encouragement. I am linking up with AshHeather and Liz. I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to! Have a great week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buckle up buttercup!

Last week was full of fun. Plenty of quality time with family, yummy home cooked meals, exercise and live music. I got to meet one of my musical heroes Rhett Miller of the Old 97's.

At Home Goods I also picked up a spiffy new apron.

Read my recap from Monday to see what else I got up to. :) On vacation I felt pretty balanced. I didn't grab any fast food, go out to eat or drink alcohol. I did thoroughly enjoy my cousin's home cooked meals for dinner and eat a sensible breakfast and lunch. I did snack on candy a few days, but read what a serving size was and stuck to that. My water intake was awesome. I walked about 8 miles a day all over Austin, TX Tues and Wed. Did a Brazilian Buttlift DVD with my cousin Thursday and went for a hilly bike ride Friday. Overall I felt balanced and in control. 

That being said, I was up a few lbs upon my return. (TOM is also a culprit) I didn't freak out, just settled back into my routine of eating healthy and exercising. There are many exciting things for me on the horizon. Mud runs, bike rides, hiking now that the weather is nicer and of course lots of roller derby. I am really focusing on enjoying exercise and making tasty food. Healthy food doesn't have to be bland! Elle has Operation Red Bikini in full effect. MarcyJess and Val have a 90 days till summer swimsuit challenge. I'm up for the shenanigans! The weight I have left to lose is totally doable in that time frame. Today I'm linking up with Heather and Ash. Are you getting ready for summer as well? Any fun races on the horizon?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Vacation fun

My week long vacation has just come to an end. I had such a wonderful time down in Austin, Texas with my family. While I was down there, the South by Southwest music festival was happening. I went to it once before and had a blast! This year I saw 2 musicians that I have been a fan of for years Cas Haley who has a laid back reggae vibe.

He played at a great outdoor amphitheater called Symphony Square. It was sunny and warm outside, so I really enjoyed it. After he performed there were 2 guys from Oahu Hawaii that played. It made me miss living there, but it was just too expensive! After that, it was decided to walk to all of the destinations for the day because it was so nice out and each of the venues were only 2ish miles away. It was a wonderful way to experience Austin. The State Capital snuck into my selfie ;)

After hitting up a quirky place called the Spider House Cafe for some more music and art, Rhett Miller of the Old 97's was singing at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop. I've been a fan of that band for 15 yrs, so it was exciting to finally meet him.

I walked everywhere that day, made sure to drink lots of water with me and brought some almonds to snack on. Home Goods had a cute apron that I purchased.

Goodwill had 2 gems for me, a 1950's retro swimsuit in excellent condition.

A vintage cycling jersey was also included. Once it warms up I can't wait to wear it!

I enjoyed several home cooked meals with my family, lots of good conversation over coffee....

Between walking around 8 miles Tuesday and Wednesday, a bike ride around my cousins subdivision (wow, they don't call Central Texas "Hill country" for nothin') and an hr long exercise DVD, I feel like I got a fair amount of exercise in. It was quite an enjoyable week. The bluebonnets were blooming (Texas state flower).

The below stencil was on the sidewalk, there were so many different stencils on trashcans, walls and the ground throughout Austin. This is a fitting end to my post because my vaca concluded with a really rainy drive back to Dallas.

I'm linking up Dateless in Dallas. I'll be back to posting more regularly now, I have the Rock n Roll Half Marathon coming up here in Dallas this Sunday! :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I met Team USA!

I got to meet roller derby royalty! This weekend was the Stars and Stripes roller derby tournament here in Dallas, TX. Team USA was doing a boot camp, as well as an exhibition game. These girls are the few picked out of hundreds that tried out from all over the country. They are fierce athletes. The woman below Bonnie Thunders was written up in ESPN as the LeBron James of roller derby. Click here for the article.

Suzy Hotrod is also amazing to watch! She was featured in the ESPN body issue. 

Team USA will be back in Dallas for the Roller Derby World Cup this December. It was an incredible bout to watch, much like the intensity of the Olympics. Below are 3 other USA athletes Wild Cherri, Carmen Getsome and Second Hand Smoke that I had the chance to meet.

Next is Baller Shot Caller. You might be wondering, wow their parents gave them some UNIQUE names :) Well these are their derby names. You get to come up with an alter ego of sorts when you are in Derby. There are fun ones like Penelope Bruise, Smarty Pants etc. Mine is The Boss of Chaos. 

I gave myself a fun manicure using pink and black nail polish with a Sally Hansen Houndstooth sticker. It was my first time using them and they have help up well for 4 days so far. 

Saturday morning I cheered my sisters Special Olympic basketball team onto a Silver medal win. Then it was the roller derby tournament the rest of the day. Sunday started with lovely weather and a walk around White Rock Lake with my dad and sister. Here is the view of downtown Dallas from the lake.

After our 9.5mile walk we headed to a small mom and pop Mexican food restaurant where I had some amazing beef and potato mini tacos (the size of my palm) with fresh shredded cabbage and queso fresco on top. I ate half and brought half home for later. It was not too heavy and full of flavor.

Weight wise I am the same as last Wednesday. I had 2hrs of derby practice-1400 calories burned on Monday and last night I skated with a friend for an hr and a half. Even though my weight isn't going down as fast as it was at the beginning of the year, I can feel myself getting stronger and my endurance improving greatly. I intend to do yoga sometime soon to stretch out all my sore muscles and to finally find a foam roller. I've searched in 4 different stores and they've all been out! I am linking up with Heather and Ash for WIW as well as Liz over at Fitness Blondie

What would your roller derby "alter ego" name be? :)