Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mud Run Fun

This past weekend was the start of several things for me-outdoor concert season, mud run season and festival season. Friday night I went with my friend and dog to Friday on the Green to see the band Oil Boom. It is the first of an outdoor concert series that happens once a month. There are 2-3 other outside venues that I also go to enjoy live music at.

This weekend was also my first mud run of 2014. It was called Armageddon Ambush and held at a motocross field in Ft Worth. I volunteered at the traverse wall for 4 hours, cheering people on and offering assistance. Then I raced in the last wave of runners with 2 friends. It was cold (in the 40's) and drizzling, but so much fun! There was lots of hills, mud, walls and cargo nets to climb.

There was even a huge pit full of ice!

As well as a HUGE slide that was so fun, I went down it twice. :)

They also Ambushed you with color, which I've never had done at a mud run before. I highly recommend it! If you volunteer 4 hrs, you can race for free.

After that I grabbed a burger and fries from In and Out, then went home to shower and change. It was bout night for roller derby and I was in charge of tracking penalties on the large wipe board. The last game was very well matched and only a 2 point difference between the winning and losing team. (there can be a point difference of almost 200 points!)

Sunday I was suppose to go to a renaissance festival as well as an art festival but it rained all day which we desperately needed. I ended up sleeping in, catching up on a few shows and finished the night with 3 hours of roller derby practice. Weight wise I stayed the same. I am getting in around 8-10 hours of intense exercise a week and my weight is playing games with me. I need to make sure I am fueling my body properly, so I've decided to bite the bullet and track calories on MFP. These last few pounds don't want to budge! At least I can see improvement fitness wise. I'm linking up with AshHeather and Liz. Have you ever done a mud run before? Would you ever like to try one?