Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I met Team USA!

I got to meet roller derby royalty! This weekend was the Stars and Stripes roller derby tournament here in Dallas, TX. Team USA was doing a boot camp, as well as an exhibition game. These girls are the few picked out of hundreds that tried out from all over the country. They are fierce athletes. The woman below Bonnie Thunders was written up in ESPN as the LeBron James of roller derby. Click here for the article.

Suzy Hotrod is also amazing to watch! She was featured in the ESPN body issue. 

Team USA will be back in Dallas for the Roller Derby World Cup this December. It was an incredible bout to watch, much like the intensity of the Olympics. Below are 3 other USA athletes Wild Cherri, Carmen Getsome and Second Hand Smoke that I had the chance to meet.

Next is Baller Shot Caller. You might be wondering, wow their parents gave them some UNIQUE names :) Well these are their derby names. You get to come up with an alter ego of sorts when you are in Derby. There are fun ones like Penelope Bruise, Smarty Pants etc. Mine is The Boss of Chaos. 

I gave myself a fun manicure using pink and black nail polish with a Sally Hansen Houndstooth sticker. It was my first time using them and they have help up well for 4 days so far. 

Saturday morning I cheered my sisters Special Olympic basketball team onto a Silver medal win. Then it was the roller derby tournament the rest of the day. Sunday started with lovely weather and a walk around White Rock Lake with my dad and sister. Here is the view of downtown Dallas from the lake.

After our 9.5mile walk we headed to a small mom and pop Mexican food restaurant where I had some amazing beef and potato mini tacos (the size of my palm) with fresh shredded cabbage and queso fresco on top. I ate half and brought half home for later. It was not too heavy and full of flavor.

Weight wise I am the same as last Wednesday. I had 2hrs of derby practice-1400 calories burned on Monday and last night I skated with a friend for an hr and a half. Even though my weight isn't going down as fast as it was at the beginning of the year, I can feel myself getting stronger and my endurance improving greatly. I intend to do yoga sometime soon to stretch out all my sore muscles and to finally find a foam roller. I've searched in 4 different stores and they've all been out! I am linking up with Heather and Ash for WIW as well as Liz over at Fitness Blondie

What would your roller derby "alter ego" name be? :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekend Recap/Weigh In Wed

Good morning everyone! I was lucky enough to have amazing weather here in Texas the past several days. Which meant I jumped at the chance to go camping Sat night. A friend and I went to Possum Kingdom (insert awesome song by Texas band The Toadies of the same name-click here to listen now, it's the jam!)

I packed fruit, raw cashews a Quest bar and string cheese to snack on. Dinner Sat and breakfast Sun was the same thing bacon, eggs, potato, zucchini hash served up in a few corn tortillas with avocado and a bit of pepper jack cheese. The picture is taken on my awesome leopard print camping chair an $8 find from The Academy.

We hiked a bit down by the water Sat night, but the next day my friend's back was hurting really bad due to a previous injury, so no hiking the trails for us. :( 
My husky Diamond LOVES when we camp, she gets to chase things, sniff to her hearts content, run and swim.

I did however enjoy the view from our camping spot, relax and read a book which was nice. Since we headed home early, I was able to help out at a roller derby scrimmage in a new position that I've never tried before.

This weeks workouts are as below.
Mon- 30 min walk, 2 hr roller derby practice, 
Tues-45 min walk/stretching, 1 hr roller derby
Wed-1 hr yoga, 2 hr roller derby
Thur-1 hr Body Pump, 45 min Pound
Fri-1 hr Zumba, 1 hr Body Pump
Sat-2 hr Zumba (maybe)
Sun- long walk-2-3hrs

I walked to the grocery store a mile away, did my shopping and walked back. My bags seemed so heavy so I decided to weigh them, they were 15 pounds! It's hard to fathom that I walked around with 55 more pounds on my body before. The same thing crosses my mind when I carry my dogs 45 pound bag of dog food. I'm just glad to be at a healthier weight now, my knees and the rest of my body are surely thanking me.

Weight wise I lost the pound I gained as well as half a pound more bringing me to 159. Mon and Tues night I went out after practice and resisted chips/salsa and alcohol...just didn't feel like partaking. Sometimes I will indulge, but I chose not to eat back all the calories I had burned exercising. The weight loss is slow but steady. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Linking up with Ash and Liz

Friday, February 14, 2014

I Love Target

Woo hoo, the weekend is almost here! I'm linking up with DarciThe Sowell Life, and Follow Through Friday. As most people will agree, you can find everything you never knew you were looking for! So below are 5 things I've picked up at Target recently. I love their clearance AND fuschia/teal...can you tell? :)

E.L.F 150 eye shadow set 85% off for $2.24. Browns and purples are usually what I go for, so it'll be fun to branch out and try different colors.

Cute memo board for $4.48. I love the fabric pattern!

The fushia lunchbox came with the water bottle and was $3.88, while the 2 storage containers were $1.49 each. They come with a built in ice pack, which was a nice added bonus.

This glass water bottle was a steal at $3.88! Glass versions are usually  $10-20.

I dig the pattern on this $3.88 coffee mug, but you can actually put whatever paper/photos you want on the inside-it's interchangeable.

This week on the exercise front went as follows
Mon-2hr roller derby practice
Wed-2hr roller derby practice
Thu-1hr open skate session
Fri-weights,squats, planks at home
Sat-I will camp/hike

The weather is suppose to be GORGEOUS here! Warmer and sunny-exciting!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Simple Math WIW

I'm linking up with Ash for WIW. 

1 2hour work out for the week + 3 meals out to eat = 1 pound gained

I'm not stressing about the gain, I've lost every week in 2014 so far. I went to a delicious Greek restaurant Fri night with a friend. Sat night went to Spring Creek BBQ with my family and last night had a glass of sangria and a pineapple mojito along with my yummy dinner at a Puerto Rican diner last night. For the Greek food, we chose the appetizer sampler which was wrapped grape leaves, hummus and baba ganoush. Then I had some gyro meat, no rice and a salad as my main. Sat i had the smoked turkey platter with corn, green beans, a roll and mac and cheese. Last night I had 2 small sandwiches made with plaintain slices instead of bread and requested a salad instead of rice and beans. 

On the exercise front , I went to roller derby practice for 2 hrs Monday night, which was conditioning and cardio. I'm walking like Frankenstein-sooooooo sore! Oh and Sat I took my dog on a quick 45 min walk. There's a 2 hr derby practice tonight and I hope to go camping this weekend if the weather is nice and get some hikes in. I know what I need to work on to have a loss the next weigh in. Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I did it! A new decade!

After burning calories during the Super Bowl, I took Monday and Tuesday off from working out. The 3rd hr of roller derby managed to bruise my ankles since my skates are "beginners". Now that I've been doing derby a month and know I enjoy it and stick with it, I'm in the market for new skates. I also feel like I'm coming down with a cold, so I've been taking Emergen-C, eating oranges and trying to get more sleep. Tonight I plan on doing squats, push ups and weights at home if I work late and have to miss derby practice. Thursday will be Body Pump and Pound, derby at night possibly. Friday will be Zumba and Body Pump.

Food wise I meal prepped a bit. Lean ground pork was on sale, so I picked up a few packages of that, cooked one pound with some onions. That will go with the spaghetti squash and a pasta sauce.

A good tip for the spaghetti squash is to squeeze the excess moisture out in a towel like so...

I also made some GF cream cheese pancakes from I Breathe I'm Hungry. They turned out well, were easy to made, I've done a similar recipe before but used cottage cheese instead of the cream cheese. I tried making hash browns with Jicama, but they never cooked through even though they were shredded thin on a cheese grater. 

I had a NSV on Monday which was free frozen yogurt day at the local Yogurtland. They has TINY 3oz cups for us to fill and I tried a few new flavors. Had a bite of each, then threw about half of it away. 

Also exciting was the fact that I'm now 159.6! I was as low as 158.4 over the weekend, but I can't complain! My highest weight was 214, so about 55 pounds lost overall. I'm linking up for WIW with Ash and WIAW with Jen.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I burned calories during the Super Bowl!

Another weekend has come and gone. Friday night I shot some pool with a friend. Wow are we horrible pool players! I blame it on the table! :) Saturday I slept in...sigh....much needed. Ate brunch with my sister and caught up on the DVR.  Then we headed to Ft Worth to volunteer for the Black Light Run 5k. After we checked in and finished our shift we were able to run. The crowd was lively and already throwing color packets up in the air. We left with one of the first groups and then headed down the Trinity Trail to be pelted with color. It was so much fun!

The twist on this color run was the fact that it was at night and they had black lights along the course. That made the color and your clothes glow brightly. It was so much fun to people watch and see all the creative things people were wearing. I wore sunglasses to keep the powder from getting in my eyes.

After the run we stuck around for the music and festive atmosphere for a bit. Then we headed to Dickie's for BBQ. I had sliced brisket with green beans and salad. It was pretty bland, but we were starving and it was a healthier choice than the other fast food options close by. You win some, you lose some.

Sunday morning I went to a roller derby rookie scrimmage to officiate. I was timing the penalties in the penalty box. I have a few friends that are rookies, so it was fun to see them bout for the first time. They made cute awards for their trainers and adorable cupcakes for everyone there.

The stripes are for the referees and stars are on the Jammer's helmets, single stripe on the Pivot's.
After the scrimmage I headed home to gobble up an asparagus omelette. Then I did some Cinderella duties before it was time for my derby practice. I had a string cheese and almonds before our practice. I've been doing derby for a month now and this was my first 3 hour practice. WOW it was tough stuff! But I pushed myself as hard as I could and felt positive after all was said and done. I was happy to burn some calories during the Super Bowl instead of eating more than I need to. That's a win in my book! :) I hope you have a wonderful week.