Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mavs and More Mud

Hello again. Well this past week was a fun one! The Dallas Mavericks were in the playoffs so I went to a watch party at Dave and Busters. It brought back a lot of great memories because I worked part time in Marketing/Promotions for the team for 5 seasons. I got to see some old co-workers while I was there AND help cheer the Mavs on to a win. Unfortunately the lost the next game and are now out of the playoffs. :(

On Saturday I volunteered/ran my third mud run of the year Cinco de Muddo with my friend Brenda. We had a great time, the course was a relatively easy one, so we did it twice for a total of 6.2 miles. That was to help prepare us for the Spartan Sprint (4miles) and Super (8miles). We will do both the same weekend, which is only 2 weeks away! We met a woman that was won the past 2 mud runs we have done this year along the course and she was super friendly and nice. Elite athletes can sometimes be a bit aloof and snobby I've found, but she did part of the course with us and gave us some helpful tips for racing.

After the race we went to a restaurant called Babe's which was so delicious. It is family style and we each ordered a different protein to share-I went with smoked chicken. I had seconds on everything, but it ended up being my lunch and dinner so I was ok with that.

I rushed home with a fully belly and sore body to shower, change and head to the roller rink to officiate a roller derby game. It was great to see some of my friends get the chance to skate in a game for their first time, I hope that will be me in a few more months! In the meantime I am having fun with mud runs and I've finally got back on my bicycle on Sunday. No photos, but on Sunday I also met up with a good friend of mine at a great local restaurant Cafe Brazil. I had Chicken crepes with rosemary potatoes and toast. She has 2 huskys, one is a white female like my dog Diamond. After lunch, we went to the Cotton Bowl Stadium, where they had a dog event....basically vendors+live music+dogs running around playing and enjoying the kiddie pools set out. I went to roller derby practice Monday and will go again tonight. I've only skated twice in the past 2 weeks so it feels strange to be skating again! Last night at Target I found a top I wanted, but wasn't willing to pay full price for. They had a similar print (neon bikes) on a white cardigan so I bout that too, as well as a cute bikini top. All 3 for $19.00, I love clearance :)


Weight wise I stayed the same this week. Although I am alright with that, I really need to refocus on losing these last few pesky pounds. It would be wonderful to be around goal weight for my birthday July 1st. I will be in Austin this weekend for my cousin's graduation from nursing school. What are you up to this weekend? I am linking up with Ash for Weigh In Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your week!