Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I did it! A new decade!

After burning calories during the Super Bowl, I took Monday and Tuesday off from working out. The 3rd hr of roller derby managed to bruise my ankles since my skates are "beginners". Now that I've been doing derby a month and know I enjoy it and stick with it, I'm in the market for new skates. I also feel like I'm coming down with a cold, so I've been taking Emergen-C, eating oranges and trying to get more sleep. Tonight I plan on doing squats, push ups and weights at home if I work late and have to miss derby practice. Thursday will be Body Pump and Pound, derby at night possibly. Friday will be Zumba and Body Pump.

Food wise I meal prepped a bit. Lean ground pork was on sale, so I picked up a few packages of that, cooked one pound with some onions. That will go with the spaghetti squash and a pasta sauce.

A good tip for the spaghetti squash is to squeeze the excess moisture out in a towel like so...

I also made some GF cream cheese pancakes from I Breathe I'm Hungry. They turned out well, were easy to made, I've done a similar recipe before but used cottage cheese instead of the cream cheese. I tried making hash browns with Jicama, but they never cooked through even though they were shredded thin on a cheese grater. 

I had a NSV on Monday which was free frozen yogurt day at the local Yogurtland. They has TINY 3oz cups for us to fill and I tried a few new flavors. Had a bite of each, then threw about half of it away. 

Also exciting was the fact that I'm now 159.6! I was as low as 158.4 over the weekend, but I can't complain! My highest weight was 214, so about 55 pounds lost overall. I'm linking up for WIW with Ash and WIAW with Jen.