Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekend Recap/Weigh In Wed

Good morning everyone! I was lucky enough to have amazing weather here in Texas the past several days. Which meant I jumped at the chance to go camping Sat night. A friend and I went to Possum Kingdom (insert awesome song by Texas band The Toadies of the same name-click here to listen now, it's the jam!)

I packed fruit, raw cashews a Quest bar and string cheese to snack on. Dinner Sat and breakfast Sun was the same thing bacon, eggs, potato, zucchini hash served up in a few corn tortillas with avocado and a bit of pepper jack cheese. The picture is taken on my awesome leopard print camping chair an $8 find from The Academy.

We hiked a bit down by the water Sat night, but the next day my friend's back was hurting really bad due to a previous injury, so no hiking the trails for us. :( 
My husky Diamond LOVES when we camp, she gets to chase things, sniff to her hearts content, run and swim.

I did however enjoy the view from our camping spot, relax and read a book which was nice. Since we headed home early, I was able to help out at a roller derby scrimmage in a new position that I've never tried before.

This weeks workouts are as below.
Mon- 30 min walk, 2 hr roller derby practice, 
Tues-45 min walk/stretching, 1 hr roller derby
Wed-1 hr yoga, 2 hr roller derby
Thur-1 hr Body Pump, 45 min Pound
Fri-1 hr Zumba, 1 hr Body Pump
Sat-2 hr Zumba (maybe)
Sun- long walk-2-3hrs

I walked to the grocery store a mile away, did my shopping and walked back. My bags seemed so heavy so I decided to weigh them, they were 15 pounds! It's hard to fathom that I walked around with 55 more pounds on my body before. The same thing crosses my mind when I carry my dogs 45 pound bag of dog food. I'm just glad to be at a healthier weight now, my knees and the rest of my body are surely thanking me.

Weight wise I lost the pound I gained as well as half a pound more bringing me to 159. Mon and Tues night I went out after practice and resisted chips/salsa and alcohol...just didn't feel like partaking. Sometimes I will indulge, but I chose not to eat back all the calories I had burned exercising. The weight loss is slow but steady. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Linking up with Ash and Liz