Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Simple Math WIW

I'm linking up with Ash for WIW. 

1 2hour work out for the week + 3 meals out to eat = 1 pound gained

I'm not stressing about the gain, I've lost every week in 2014 so far. I went to a delicious Greek restaurant Fri night with a friend. Sat night went to Spring Creek BBQ with my family and last night had a glass of sangria and a pineapple mojito along with my yummy dinner at a Puerto Rican diner last night. For the Greek food, we chose the appetizer sampler which was wrapped grape leaves, hummus and baba ganoush. Then I had some gyro meat, no rice and a salad as my main. Sat i had the smoked turkey platter with corn, green beans, a roll and mac and cheese. Last night I had 2 small sandwiches made with plaintain slices instead of bread and requested a salad instead of rice and beans. 

On the exercise front , I went to roller derby practice for 2 hrs Monday night, which was conditioning and cardio. I'm walking like Frankenstein-sooooooo sore! Oh and Sat I took my dog on a quick 45 min walk. There's a 2 hr derby practice tonight and I hope to go camping this weekend if the weather is nice and get some hikes in. I know what I need to work on to have a loss the next weigh in. Have a great week!