Monday, February 3, 2014

I burned calories during the Super Bowl!

Another weekend has come and gone. Friday night I shot some pool with a friend. Wow are we horrible pool players! I blame it on the table! :) Saturday I slept in...sigh....much needed. Ate brunch with my sister and caught up on the DVR.  Then we headed to Ft Worth to volunteer for the Black Light Run 5k. After we checked in and finished our shift we were able to run. The crowd was lively and already throwing color packets up in the air. We left with one of the first groups and then headed down the Trinity Trail to be pelted with color. It was so much fun!

The twist on this color run was the fact that it was at night and they had black lights along the course. That made the color and your clothes glow brightly. It was so much fun to people watch and see all the creative things people were wearing. I wore sunglasses to keep the powder from getting in my eyes.

After the run we stuck around for the music and festive atmosphere for a bit. Then we headed to Dickie's for BBQ. I had sliced brisket with green beans and salad. It was pretty bland, but we were starving and it was a healthier choice than the other fast food options close by. You win some, you lose some.

Sunday morning I went to a roller derby rookie scrimmage to officiate. I was timing the penalties in the penalty box. I have a few friends that are rookies, so it was fun to see them bout for the first time. They made cute awards for their trainers and adorable cupcakes for everyone there.

The stripes are for the referees and stars are on the Jammer's helmets, single stripe on the Pivot's.
After the scrimmage I headed home to gobble up an asparagus omelette. Then I did some Cinderella duties before it was time for my derby practice. I had a string cheese and almonds before our practice. I've been doing derby for a month now and this was my first 3 hour practice. WOW it was tough stuff! But I pushed myself as hard as I could and felt positive after all was said and done. I was happy to burn some calories during the Super Bowl instead of eating more than I need to. That's a win in my book! :) I hope you have a wonderful week.