Friday, February 14, 2014

I Love Target

Woo hoo, the weekend is almost here! I'm linking up with DarciThe Sowell Life, and Follow Through Friday. As most people will agree, you can find everything you never knew you were looking for! So below are 5 things I've picked up at Target recently. I love their clearance AND fuschia/teal...can you tell? :)

E.L.F 150 eye shadow set 85% off for $2.24. Browns and purples are usually what I go for, so it'll be fun to branch out and try different colors.

Cute memo board for $4.48. I love the fabric pattern!

The fushia lunchbox came with the water bottle and was $3.88, while the 2 storage containers were $1.49 each. They come with a built in ice pack, which was a nice added bonus.

This glass water bottle was a steal at $3.88! Glass versions are usually  $10-20.

I dig the pattern on this $3.88 coffee mug, but you can actually put whatever paper/photos you want on the inside-it's interchangeable.

This week on the exercise front went as follows
Mon-2hr roller derby practice
Wed-2hr roller derby practice
Thu-1hr open skate session
Fri-weights,squats, planks at home
Sat-I will camp/hike

The weather is suppose to be GORGEOUS here! Warmer and sunny-exciting!