Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm down a pound this week. Excited about that! This past weekend I went to the season opener party for my roller derby league that was a lot of fun. This is the dress that I wore.

I also won tickets to the 2 day Big Folkin Festival here in Dallas. I found some new bands that I'll keep an eye out for. Everyone was local, they had some art and food trucks there as well.

I have been feeling a bit "blah" since Monday. I'm not too sure why...but I have stuck to eating healthy foods and in moderation, which definitely helped with the loss this week. Here's a few groceries I bought from Aldi's. 

I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday. I'm about to go jog a 5k before work and have a 2 hour roller derby practice after work. Tommorow I'll hit up the gym. Friday I need to make an effort to workout as well. I'm linking up with AshHeather and Liz. Has anyone else gone through a bit of a funk lately? what did you do to turn it around? I painted my nails a fun summery color last night while I caught a movie on Netflix. That helped a bit.