Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life Lately

April is almost over with, the past few weeks have been interesting to say the least! I hurt my knee almost 3 weeks ago in roller derby. My right knee pad slipped down, so when I fell, my bare knee hit the wood floor HARD. It was really painful initially, but I guess adrenaline masked the pain until after practice-when I could barely move it. I've heard horror stories about all the crazy injuries that can happen, so this was small beans compared to what other girls have to go through.

I RICED my knee for the week, stayed off it and it was feeling better. The following Monday was assessments for my roller derby league. I had been going to all the practices I could and skating whenever I could. I didn't pass this time, there are a few skills I still need to improve on. I had a pity party and then moved on. The girls in the league are supportive and helpful and make me feel welcome at practice so I will keep at it! The next time to assess is in 60 days, so I am looking forward to that.

Am I backwards for reading books AFTER I have seen the movie? For me reading the book first means I think a character looks a certain way in my head, then when I see them in the movie I usually think who they cast is WAY off!  Harry Potter were the last books I did that with. Hunger Games I waited to read after they were released. I also like to be surprised when watching a movie for the first time. I love books because they offer so many more details and clarity than a movie can. The weather has been nice here in Texas, so I've been doing most of my reading outside.

April is also the month the Animal Shelter told me my dog was born in when I adopted her way back when. My Diamond turned 4! :) The local business I go to for her food gave her a Happy Birthday bone, it was so cute.

I also saw local music a few times over the past few weeks which is always enjoyable. There were also 3 cover bands at the House of Blues in Dallas that I went to go see. The final act were a Beastie Boys cover band. Prom was going on in another part of the restaurant, which made me feel old because those high school kids looked sooooo young! I also saw an incredible production of Beauty and the Beast with my mom and sister.

This past weekend I raced in my second mud run of the year-The Patriot Games. Two friends and I volunteered in the morning, then got to race for free after out shift. We make a great team! Everyone's strengths are different and we all help each other out if someone needs it. Below are a few photos of the muddy goodness. I highly recommend you try one if you haven't already, there are mud runs for every skill level-beginner to advanced.

I hit my recovering knee on the course and the next day I noticed 2 lumps on my knee cap. My cousin is a knee Doctor and he said it is bursitis. So I'll be hitting up my Dr. Thursday to see how I need to proceed. Thankfully I have full range of motion and can walk just fine. But it is killer painful to the touch!

Weight wise I have been up and down the same few pounds over the past 3 weeks. It is both good and bad. My goal is to lose about 10 more, but my body seems to really like this weight. I feel like I am getting stronger and fitter with every week that passes even though the scale doesn't always register a loss. I am linking up with AshHeatherErin and Liz. Do you read the book first or watch the movie first?