Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Morning! I'm linking up with Heather at Pretty Strong Medicine and Ash at Ash's Right Direction for Weigh in Wednesday. Right now I am down 6 pounds since 2014 started. I am a part of 3 dietbets to kick off the New Year, so hopefully I will win some money for all this hard work happening!

Workout wise I took a rest day Monday. Did Zumba and a new class called Pound yesterday. Pound is brand new to my gym and looks like it's going to be lots of fun. You get to embrace your inner rock star and use drumsticks to jam out to songs. At first it felt a bit cheesy, like we were in kindergarten music class, but everyone was smiling and getting into it so I just let loose and enjoyed myself. I had to replace a dead battery in my polar FT7 after class, but in Zumba I usually burn around 400 Calories. (It was 30min Zumba, 30min Pound) I also roller skated for just over an hr with a friend last night. We practiced sprints and other roller derby skills which was a great workout! Check out the stats!

Food wise I had 2 eggs over easy on Ezekiel bread with strawberry jam sprinkled with red pepper flakes (I love the sweet/spicy combo). Plate is from Target (recently) and cup is from Old Navy.

I always have water with my meals and will have a cup of coffee during my afternoon slump which usually hits around 2 or 3pm. Green tea and "lemonade" or "limeade" (water, lemon or lime, stevia drops) also make an appearance on the daily. Lunch was a mixed green salad with chicken and dinner was a grab and go which consisted of a few deli ham/cheese roll ups. Even though I wasn't hungry, I do plan to eat more on days when I workout.

Tonight will be 2 hours of roller derby practice and I might go for a short walk to loosen up my muscles before I get started. I need to remember to stretch, stretch, stretch! I'll post my race schedule for the upcoming year soon. On the horizon are mud runs. bike races, fun run 5ks and The Dallas Rock and Roll half marathon. So my training is all over the place, but that keeps me on my toes and never bored! I want to buy these shoes for my mud/trail runs. They are Addidas, from Academy and onhy 50 bucks!

I also plan to get fitted for new kicks for the Half Marathon which is coming up FAST-March 23. This is my first time linking up, so I'd love to hear about your successes and NSV's this week. Feel free to leave me a comment. I plan on checking everyone that linked up out.