Friday, January 17, 2014

Follow Through Friday

Hey ya'll! I am loving all of these link ups, the accountability really helps me stay motivated and on track. Everyone's journey is different and I applaud all of you for sharing it publicly. That was a big hurdle for me when I debated starting a blog, even though I've been following various healthy living blogs for a while now. 

                        follow-thru-friday.jpg (453×299)

This week went by SO fast! Monday was a rest day. Tues I practiced roller derby skills and skated with a friend for an hour and burned 530 calories. Wed was league roller derby practice. I'm considered "fresh meat" and while not on a team yet, still practice with everyone. It was only my second practice EVER, while some of the girls there have been doing derby for over 8 years. So they are great role models and very encouraging but WOW I got my butt handed to me! These girls are fierce and in shape!! I look forward to learning more about this awesome sport. There I burned 1400 calories in 2 hours. They had us doing sprints on skates. So 7 rounds of 1 minute skating as fast as you can followed by 30 sec of coasting and recovery. We also did knee taps, which are lunges essentially-on skates! Thursday I took a short walk and stretched to alleviate some of the soreness.

Today I've got more walking and some jogging sprinkled in. Running kills my bad knee. I'm also on my way to get fitted at a running store for new shoes. My old ones have had it! I've got the Dallas Rock n Roll half marathon coming up at the end of March. 

Bold crazy colors always call my name, especially in exercise gear. Excuse the Captain Morgans pose, but I had to show you my spiffy lime green compression socks that went with my outfit ;) Have a great weekend, this is my first time linking up, please leave a comment. I look forward to checking out your blogs also!